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- Pulkit -Visionary

Our founder and Managing Director, Mr. Vinod Garg, a man with great fore-sight and a keen acumen about the steel industry has set up wide spectrum of companies undeer the Pulkit Group. He, along witha a core team of dedicated individuals, put in great effort over the years to build knowledge based eco-friendly organization with focus on technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

It is his spirit of entrepreneurship that has resulted in the Group achieving more and reaching such heights within a decade.

With two additional state – of – the – art facilities – in Sri Kalahasti (Andhra Pradesh) for billet production and in Nigeria for manufacturing billets and bars, PMPL has been consistently clocking a phenomenal growth year on year.

The three facilities together contribute to a production capacity of 0.6 million tonnes – a number that far exceeds the industry standards. Over the year, PMPL has aggressively expanded its operations and integrated into Billet manufacturing by melting steel, diversified into producing Agro-fuels for firing their furnace using gasification technology, and also invested into windmills of up to 4MW in Tamil Nadu.