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- Pulkit -The Identity

The Pulkit Group Logo draws inspiration from two distinct characters in Greek mythology the centaur and Atlas

Typically the centaur is thought of as a wild and untamed creature symbolizing strength This half human and hald animal composition, depicted in out logo, has often been represented as beings caught between two contrasting natures - the embodiment of untamed nature or as teachers.

Atlas was one of the second-generation Titan. He is the son of Lapteus and Clymene, who led the Titans in a rebellion against Zeus, Zeus King of Gods, however emerged the victor and Atlas to bear the heavens on his shoulders. Atlas is therefore depicted as a man bearing, a globe on his shoulders. He is considered to be one of the mightiest Titans with the strength to hold up the sky and heaven with his own two hands. He also personifies the quality of endurance.

Tungsten is an alloying element that tends to impart a tight, small and dense grain pattern and keen cutting edges. It also causes steel to retain its hardness at higher temperatures. The tungsten red sphere seen in the logo is symbolic of hard steel that typifies purity and potency. It also represents the globe that is home to millions of people.

Pulkit Group is an enterprise of resilience and strength - the strength to carry the responsibility of the land and the people it belongs to. It is an organisation that draws its force from nature, strives to learn continuously and imparts knowledge to its people.

The color of the globe signifies the molten core of the Earth as well as the process of purification that is inherent to Steel

Approval by Government Departments:

  • Central Public Works
  • District Rural Development Agency Tamil Nadu
  • Karnataka Rural Development Agency
  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation
  • Public Works Department
  • Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
  • Tamil Nadu Housing Board