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- Manufacturing -Since 1973

Pulkit Group has been in the manufacturing since 1973 with our corporate office in Chennai with group turnover around INR 1000 Crores and the Pulkit Group has plants in the following three locations.

- Pulkit -Group

Pulikt Group has been in the manufacturing since 1973 with our corporate office in Chennai with group turnover around INR 1000 Crores and the Pulkit Group has plants in the following three locations.

  • Pulkit Metals Pvt Ltd - Puducherry, India
  • Pushpit Steels Pvt Ltd - Kalahasathi, AP, India
  • Pulkit Alloys & Steel Ltd - Lagos, Nigeria
  • Pushpit Green Pvt Ltd - Wind Mill 4 MW (Tharapuram (Erode) & Radhapuram (Tirunelveli))
  • V.K.Enterprises - Trading division (Chennai)

We started manufacturing with a modest production of 2400 Metric Tons (mts) pa and now we are one of the largest manufactures of TMT & CRS bars in South India with installed Manufactuirng capacity of 6 lakhs ton per annum, which includes the following products.

  • Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)
  • Billets
  • TMT & CRS bars
  • Power (Gas, waste heat, coal & Wind Mill)

- Pulkit -The Identity

The Pulkit Group Logo draws inspiration from two distinct characters in Greek mythology the centaur and Atlas

Typically the centaur is thought of as a wild and untamed creature symbolizing strength This half human and hald animal composition, depicted in out logo, has often been represented as beings caught between two contrasting natures - the embodiment of untamed nature or as teachers.

Atlas was one of the second-generation Titan. He is the son of Lapteus and Clymene, who led the Titans in a rebellion against Zeus, Zeus King of Gods, however emerged the victor and Atlas to bear the heavens on his shoulders. Atlas is therefore depicted as a man bearing, a globe on his shoulders. He is considered to be one of the mightiest Titans with the strength to hold up the sky and heaven with his own two hands. He also personifies the quality of endurance.

Tungsten is an alloying element that tends to impart a tight, small and dense grain pattern and keen cutting edges. It also causes steel to retain its hardness at higher temperatures. The tungsten red sphere seen in the logo is symbolic of hard steel that typifies purity and potency. It also represents the globe that is home to millions of people.

Pulkit Group is an enterprise of resilience and strength - the strength to carry the responsibility of the land and the people it belongs to. It is an organisation that draws its force from nature, strives to learn continuously and imparts knowledge to its people.

The color of the globe signifies the molten core of the Earth as well as the process of purification that is inherent to Steel

Approval by Government Departments:

  • Central Public Works
  • District Rural Development Agency Tamil Nadu
  • Karnataka Rural Development Agency
  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation
  • Public Works Department
  • Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
  • Tamil Nadu Housing Board

- Pulkit -Vision

To be a knowledge based organisation that continuously achieves economic value through eco friendly operational excellence, enabled by the continuous innovation and driven by technology to meet customer satisfaction.

- Pulkit -Mission

Pulkit Group prime motive is to maintain high quality of products and sustain the environment. While maintaining the highest standards in quality, it gives utmost importance to the safety and security of the employees.

By adopting pollution free processes and backward integration into waste management businesses, Pulkit Group aims to keep the processes clean and help local communities by providing socio-economic and environmental benefits.

- Pulkit -CRS

Pulkit Group strongly believes in giving back, not only to the land it reaps from but also to the people who make the Group stand tall.

“Pulkit Barbenders Academy” – Pulkit Bar benders Academy reaches out to young men who have dropped out of school prematurely, to familiarize them with a proper work culture and skill of barbending.

The course is conducted in conjunction with the Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC), and the students are given certifications at the end of the course which is recognized and holds them in good stand for placements in constructing companies.

“Pulkit First Aid Center”- clinic in Puducherry where treatment & medicines are offered free of cost to help the local villagers.

Supports an Old Age Home in Chennai and Supports mass marriage for the under privileged couples every year.

Providing clean RO drinking water to the villages near the plant.

- Pulkit -Visionary

Our founder and Managing Director, Mr. VinodGarg, a man with great fore-sight and a keen acumen about the steel industry has set up wide spectrum of companies undeer the Pulkit Group. He, along witha a core team of dedicated individuals, put in great effort over the years to build knowledge based eco-friendly organization with focus on technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

It is his spirit of entrepreneurship that has resulted in the Group achieving more and reaching such heights within a decade.

With two additional state – of – the – art facilities – in Sri Kalahasti (Andhra Pradesh) for billet production and in Nigeria for manufacturing billets and bars, PMPL has been consistently clocking a phenomenal growth year on year.

The three facilities together contribute to a production capacity of 0.6 million tonnes – a number that far exceeds the industry standards. Over the year, PMPL has aggressively expanded its operations and integrated into Billet manufacturing by melting steel, diversified into producing Agro-fuels for firing their furnace using gasification technology, and also invested into windmills of up to 4MW in Tamil Nadu.